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Venue: CEU Conference Center

1106 Budapest, Kerepesi út 87.

Date and time: 27 March, 2008 from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

One of the factors most severely hitting Hungary's economy is the fact that many of its citizens have been denied access to the labour market. The majority of these people are disabled.

Every society needs people who may be handicapped to various degrees but are still able to produce value. The means and forms of living together with them in harmony are a measure of a society's self-esteem.

It is our duty to fight the reluctance and unwillingness of some employers to hire disabled people. The disabled are an integral part of our society, who wish to be ambitious and valuable citizens in search of self-realization, and we have much to gain both on a personal and on a societal level by creating the conditions to help them enter the work force.

The Association for Women's Career Development in Hungary therefore would like to point out to lawmakers, decision makers and employers that we can and should do more in order for the disabled to become integral and valuable members of Hungarian society, enriching us with everything they create.

2008 is the year of the Olympic Games in Beijing and also the year of the Paralympic Games. Paralympic champions living with various handicaps, coming from all over the world, are going to participate in the latter event. Their achievements, which require immense mental and physical efforts, can stand as examples to other disabled people and to mankind as well. They have proved again and again that it is worthwile and necessary to strive and aim higher despite the obstacles they face, since this is how they can become exemplars of man's greatness.

The media nowadays exerts considerable influence on public opinion and on the value judgments people make. It therefore has an important role in drawing attention to the life circumstances and opportunities of the disabled, as well as the remarkable achievements of paralympic champions.

The Association for Women's Career Development in Hungary is, for the above reason, turning to the representatives of printed, electronic, and online media to urge them to contribute to the self-esteem of the disabled and to the widening of their opportunities by way of giving publicity to positive examples, thereby providing much needed support  and incentive for the disabled to enrich their lives.

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